Look after your pets…consider the Vets

Please look after your pets…I know most of you do but just be that little bit more careful as vet practices and of course the emergency out of hours vets are there as always but we need to keep the volume of emergencies down. If your pet is injured or sick please ring the vets first and they will tell you the safety procedures that are in force to protect you and the veterinary staff.

Please only take your pet advice in relation to Corona Virus from respected sources, like the British Veterinary Association and DO NOT BELIEVE MISINFORMATION. I see from latest GOV info that they are cracking down on the spread of false information online,but meanwhile be sensible.

There is no evidence that pets can get sick from COVID19.

Useful website http://www.cfsg.org.uk/coronavirus

Our pets are our family too so when out walking keep that safe distance rule for them too.

All charities are going to be affected by this challenging time but remember the animal charities.

I suspect a lot of home alone pets are thrilled that their owners are home more and, of course, stroking a pet, helps lowers blood pressure!



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