Supporting the bereaved

Losing a loved one is a very difficult time and in the current situation it would be much harder for the family members. I always remind people that it’s after the funeral the widow, widower or family member need us most.

Those recently bereaved and all those in the coming months will have the sad challenge of not being able to give their loved one the funeral they would have wanted where extended family and friends can meet and pay their respects. The funeral is often the opportunity for people to feel comfortable expressing and releasing their grief and without that opportunity it will make the bereavement process tougher.

I repeat my requests of the past few days, that it is really important that we make the effort to telephone those in need, especially those who may be living alone. I know of two lovely ladies both recently widowed and my heart goes out to them, and, it’s never been more vital that they know others are genuinely thinking of them. The added sadness of not being able to go out and slowly get their lives to resemble some form of normality is going to be delayed. In particular this is really hard for those wives and husbands who may have been their partner’s carer, and, some for many years.

For those going through bereavement remember your loved one would want you to do the things you enjoy and go on living a full life and let’s hope that will be possible as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Don’t forget there are many bereavement charities with help lines so please don’t hesitate to ring when you feel the need it will really help. For those with faith don’t forget your local minister will be supportive, albeit, at the moment, by phone.


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