Coping at home with kids

I was very pleased when talking to my niece with a 3 and 8 year old that she was taking full advantage of the school online tutoring and the exercise for kids with Joe Wicks -who by the way has been doing so much for everyone in terms of keeping fit.  I remember when my own daughter was small and we had bereavements in the family our amazing childminder advised to keep as much routine going as possible and that is brilliant advice whatever the challenge of change may be.

Being cooped up with healthy and active children can be very stressful especially if you are not used to it. Today’s children are mostly really lucky that they have a full activity list at weekends and after school clubs etc.,  I remember fondly my time spent with my own daughter with the huge ‘make it’ corner in the kitchen with a whole host of crafty activities.  Mustn’t forget the box of musical instruments that would be brought out at regular intervals as we danced and played with her friends to Disney songs.

Nowadays, there are so many electronic ‘baby sitting services’ which I guess are a godsend for parents though we say time on screen must be limited.  We have recently been entertaining our cat with telephone games for cats which he loves -except now if we leave a phone on the floor he sits by it then looks at us pleadingly to put it on for him.

I hope most families will cherish this extra time with loved ones as little ones grow so fast and so much is missed by us working parents.  This goes for pets too a lot of home alone dogs and cats must be enjoying the extra fuss and attention but please don’t overfeed them – that’s the pets…actually kids too.

Play nicely everyone.


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