Caring for Dementia residents

My blog this morning has to be in dedication to the amazing and humbling staff at the Sheffield nursing home who made a decision to self isolate with their residents.

Some of my clients, friends and family members have dementia and are either living full time in a nursing home or had no choice but to go into a home as daytime carers could no longer visit at home.

This act of kindness and professionalism beyond their job description and choosing their residents’ well being above going home to their own families will be long remembered.

We so often hear the bad side of nursing homes, and indeed, I have witnessed low quality care myself when visiting. However, this group of dedicated carers have shown the compassion that we should all be demonstrating to our fellow man.

I salute this team and hope their sensible approach to ‘staying in’ as advised encourages others to stop and think.

Stay home.


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