Restaurants, cafes and pubs -our village

In these unprecedented times we will or should I say should reflect on those we may have taken for granted. Of course we now realise that the recreational pleasures we have all enjoyed and definitely taken for granted will include perhaps our our favourite ‘water hole’ or the cafe where we meet friends for brunch.

It is of course worrying to see large franchises going into administration and just the other night my daughter and I discussed the various favourite places she loves to eat with her Dad….Nando’s and Wagamama’s  ( other chains are available…or they were before this ‘eating in’ phase).

As I write my blog I think of one of my own favourite local Greek venues (Anastasia’s) a favourite for some twenty plus years. A St Albans family run business where I have held so many business lunches, charity events and family celebrations. Whenever our family want to celebrate it is without question this is where it will be.

I have not been for a while and only recently were suggesting to friends let’s organise a night out -so yes I am guilty I had taken them for granted.  I made a point of contacting the owner this week to wish him and the family well and assuring him that as soon as this is over I would be visiting with friends and family. We are all in this together.

The local pubs in our village are the hub of the community aside of great food and specialist ales it’s where we meet friends regularly and have held our charity quiz nights for years (Thanks Colin and Debs at The Cricks). The past few months my dementia hub has been held, at times, at The Hollybush (Thanks Gordon) when our normal venue has not been available a crucial support group to carers.

In our village of Redbourn a newer venue had been ‘The Enchanted tea rooms’ a place where I meet some of my elderly clients for coffee or breakfast and a welcoming addition. It’s also been a great place to meet business colleagues rather than drive to town, park etc. Sincerely hope that as soon as they re-open they will get local support again. Alexandra – I will be in for the best hot chocolate in Hertfordshire!

It is not until these facilities are withdrawn that maybe we realise they are not just commercial venues they are part of the fabric of society and extended family for many.

A lot of my fellow holistic professionals and spiritual friends and family are discussing how this whole situation will encourage others to be kinder and for those who hadn’t yet realised ‘people are important not material things’ it’s been a wake up call.



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