Sweet memories

Our star neighbour came up trumps yesterday by leaving a box of children’s favourite sweeties on our doorstep. I felt eight again and the aroma as I lifted the box  lid was an instant trip down memory lane.

I often talk about how the senses unlock memories which can bring such joy when they do. I use these triggers when working with my lovely dementia clients which opens up pleasant discussions as they recall happy times in their life and/or their childhood.

Of course it’s not just our sense of smell, it’s all the senses including touch. Only this morning I wrapped a towel around me which had been next to the radiator and the immediate feeling of softness and warmth transposed me back to how my own mother would get warm towels out of the airing cupboard which housed our water tank. There was always something comforting in a warm towel and of course a parent’s embrace as they helped you dry yourself.

Such simple pleasures yet beautiful memories. Times like we find ourselves in now the little gestures of kindness and savouring our own simple pleasures help the day to feel special in it’s own way.

I am reminded by how my own mother talked about the way people treated each other in the second world war. She said ‘nothing could beat the comrade of those times’…in a small way maybe some of us will witness this and make the effort to extend acts of kindness to brighten the lives of others.



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