Classic songs..emotional times…get reading

So sadly we have lost another great man of soul. Bill Withers died yesterday and his songs were part of our lives and will continue to be so. His well-known numbers were covered by so many artists too.

‘Lean on me‘ such a poignant song with lyrics never truer than at times like now. I am mindful that so many people will be struggling, and many, either alone or perhaps in silence. We must find somebody to ‘lean on’ as Freud famously stated the talking cure:-

‘The purpose to change hysterical misery into ordinary human unhappiness’.

So as ever I will say give your partner/friend/children that platform opportunity to talk and of course make use of any help lines available dependent on your particular ‘unhappiness’.

We must spare a thought (and for those who pray ) and prayer for the elderly that live alone and for young people, perhaps teenagers already struggling with emotional issues.

For children whose lives and routines have been drastically changed it can be very frightening and as parents we have to do our best to balance the importance of isolation without allowing them to be consumed and become frightened.

Reading can be a great escapism into another world, one that is more fun and we could all do a lot worse than pick up a favourite book and read it again.  David Walliams of course would be a great distraction…but I must return to my coursework.


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