The importance of a hug

We all may have taken for granted the simple pleasures in life and now circumstances have changed that suddenly we can no longer hug friends or family… that we may see from a distance. No less than three people have told me today how they miss hugging their loved ones.

In our house we have ‘huggles‘ which was one of my word mix ups which is basically a cross between a hug and a cuddle, and, I am fortunate that I have my daughter sharing my isolation so we can still hug.

I am aware that it is not just us women that like to hug lots of men do too, though some would never admit it. Speaking this week to several recently bereaved people there was one common denominator in that they were all unable to receive a hug and/or give one to support a family member going through bereavement.

One of my lovely neighbours (we always hug) and I agreed we were saving up a really big hug, whilst another I had offered a spiritual hug wished me one back over the fence.

I know I am really lucky that I have great friends and a lovely family and live in a village where people actually care and help one another. As I said to another friend today –‘If we pull together and stay positive we will get the other side bigger and stronger.’ I truly believe this to be the case, though this mantra may be hard to apply all day every day but we can at least try.

Maybe now is the time to start visualisation tactics and imagine that hug…I’m sending out a huge one to all those that need it….get ready here it comes.

…….Aww that feels so much better.


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