The Queen’s Speech

I sincerely hope those people that somehow have not been listening to the news with regard to the huge number of fatalities of Corona Virus, and, feel that the ‘stay at home’ or ‘keep your distance’ recommendations do not apply to them are going to wake up sooner rather than later.

In the past two days I have learned of a number of deaths of relatives of people I know and also have friends with family members struggling to work within the NHS. Please take the advice seriously it will affect you, your family and friends at some stage.

As a neighbour stated the other day it’s not as though the younger generation have been given a gun and sent into battle as our grandfather/parents did. They are just being asked to stay at home and be sensible and responsible when they do go out.

I loved the whole of our Queen’s speech but one sentence, for me, said it all:-

‘quiet good humoured resolve…’

With the various forms of modern media nobody is in complete isolation or unable to keep in touch with friends and family. Stay home, your selfish actions will harm others and maybe yourself…get with it!



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