Learning something new

With the enforced situation so many people will find themselves with time on their hands and there really is only so much TV you can watch without feeling that perhaps you are wasting valuable time.

In my own situation where I cannot visit my elderly clients, although I am keeping in regular telephone contact and supporting as best I can two courses which I would have taken far longer to complete I can now devote more time to. This is part on my business on-going training and continued professional development both of which will no doubt enhance my skills and benefit my clients when I can finally get back to the front line of Dementia support.

I am sure I am not alone in recognising the benefit of being a mature student.  I hope that during this time, when many will reflect, that perhaps that skill they’ve always wanted to master can be achieved.  I am certain a lot of people will be re-thinking priorities, even a career change and distance learning is a great way to achieve this.

I am a great advocate for distance learning which can fit around the busiest of normal schedules. Over the past five years I have added several new qualifications to my CV and the interesting part being that during some sessions with clients I have been able to dip into all of them.

We are never too old to learn a new skill and it’s great to do something ‘just for you’. Additionally, reading and studying can be a great positive distraction from what is going on rather than continue to watch worrying and sometimes incorrect rolling news.




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