Taking for granted… the simple things

I know I am not alone in thinking just how much we take people and things for granted until… we miss them. Like the group of bell ringers at St Mary’s church.

When I moved to ‘the other side of the village’ I moved nearer to St Mary’s and soon was able to enjoy the sound of the church bells. Indeed, I recall now fondly how the Sunday morning calling bell used to wake up our chickens, how I would dash into the garden in my pjys to put them in the run to avoid ruining my neighbour’s Sunday lay ins.

I have got somewhat used to hearing my friend Pauline and her colleagues practising on a Tuesday evening as I work with my home students. So today I will dedicate this to Pauline and apologise for all the years that I have taken her skills for granted whilst selfishly enjoying the sounds of the bells ringing.

It is a simple thing I know but already I am missing that almost regimented sound which reminds us that the church is ‘open for business’ and things are as they should be….

I have no doubt  when it is appropriate the bells will be rung again to celebrate the end of lock down.


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