Keeping positive

These are challenging times for everyone. With time on our hands and more time to think for many it will be a struggle emotionally. Keeping focused on things we enjoy and looking forward positively will help prevent feelings of hopelessness. This could be the time that you fall back in love with those neglected hobbies, open up those forgotten books and think seriously perhaps about learning a new skill.

Keep all communication lines open as I can assure you many people around you may be feeling just the same as you…we are all in this together and there has never been a better time to work on our relationships and share with loved ones

As my own amazing mentor and mother used to say ‘worrying about things will not change them’…and there has never been a truer piece of advice. Most of things we worry about never materialise.

If you are struggling, please talk to somebody, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to somebody close to you, there are many support charities with trained counsellors who will help you make sense of what you are feeling.

In my experience as a counsellor and life coach whatever may be the reason behind the way you are feeling it is always better to talk it through rather than store up your emotions. ‘Freud’s talking cure’ really does work.

Keep safe, keep positive and keep talking.


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