Storing stress

I often write how our body is like a balloon if we squeeze it in one place the air moves to another part. Stress invades our body in various ways and unless we make an effort to exercise, maybe practice yoga or find ways of relaxing and chilling then our body will respond…negatively.

Stress can affect us in many ways, neck ache, head aches, stomach issues and not to forget sleeping problems. I think I have always been pretty good at not holding onto stress and keeping relaxed by switching off by means of distraction. However, I too have had a few neck issues of late..too much time on the phone and at laptop doesn’t help.

Yesterday, although I had been massaging said neck and doing gentle exercises my daughter informed me I was moving my head like an owl when I turned to speak to her. This made us both laugh…and I always say laughter is the best tonic…but maybe just add a small measure of gin.

My message today is try not to let things consume you and enjoy what’s good in your own unit as best you can. I am certain we will all look back and have some good memories about the premium time we spent with loved ones whilst missing many others.

Personally I am looking forward to hugging all my family and having a very special with my new great nephew who I have yet to meet. However tough you may feel your own circumstances are there are many more especially the elderly that are finding it much tougher. I am off to do a very safe distance chat with two of my favourite old people.


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