Keeping a routine going

In these difficult times it is quite hard for some people who may be used to a routine. Routines may be annoying for many but for some it forms a structure of normality and even comfort.

I recall when my family unit were going through a particular personal challenge our fabulous childminder reminded me to keep as much routine in my daughter’s life (then age 4) as possible.

My tip for today is, as crazy as it may seem, any type of routine we set ourselves rather than veg out in our pjys all day every day will really help with our well being.

Visiting two of my elderly clients earlier they have been really quite good at trying to replace all their previously enjoyed activities and break from each other…such as trips to the hairdressers, day centres, W.I. etc with various house and garden jobs then their afternoon walk.

We can learn an awful lot from the older generation who have already got being grateful for small things down to a fine art. It doesn’t take much to lift their spirits but I know everyone that is living at home alone really appreciates any interaction.

Please use that telephone as much as you can. Remember not everyone has an iphone and can face time those they love so a call to your Gran or elderly uncle or aunt will go a long way to breaking up their long day.

Stay safe, stay positive and keep well.


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