Captain Tom Moore…our amazing NHS

How could my blog possibly be about anything other than the amazing Captain Tom Moore and the NHS staff. The whole nation and indeed so many countries across the world have got behind him and I believe the figure he has raised is 13 million for the NHS – which is unbelievable.

What  an inspiration he and so many people of that generation are to the younger generations. They set a fine example of being stoic, positive and grateful in acknowledging the sacrifices that our wonderful NHS staff are making on a daily basis.

I know from friends with families working on the front line that all staff are absolutely exhausted not to mention the emotional stress that they take home after every shift. I have never taken the NHS or any of its medical staff for granted and remain eternally grateful to the team at UCLH London, especially my own G.I. specialist  Anton. Huge thanks for my life changing operation some ten years plus ago and the continued care and treatment that I receive – their care and positive attitude has never faltered. They all go the extra mile…and then some.

The Thursday clapping is both joyous and emotive and by golly they all deserve it.

As for Captain Tom Moore -how proud must his family and friends be…I know we all are.


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