More time with loved ones

So we are all digesting the prospect of a further three weeks on lock down. The past two days since the announcement, which surely really came as no surprise to most, I have spent encouraging people to see this as a positive step…it’s keeping us safe.

It has however probably made a few people think about putting some structure into their day and/or tackling some long over due jobs, maybe some home decorating if you have the paint and inclination.

I found myself today having a spring clean in the kitchen, tidying cupboards..sounds impressive but really it was another case of being on the run from the ironing and other such wonderful chores.

Seriously, the news prompted me to  step up contact with my elderly folk and clients, yes, they have coped well the past weeks, but we want to keep their spirits up so please again may I remind you younger followers to ring your elderly relatives and neighbours. Not everyone is IT savvy and those that are have plenty of contact eh?

Keep safe, keep a structure to your day and keep communicating. Try not to eat too many sweets and treats as we know what follows those two culprits…yes the dreaded diet.


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