Keeping fit

I’ve always been good at getting out for little walks whenever possible and finally got one of these fit watches that record one’s steps alongside other various data. Yesterday I was a bit short of my target number but when I woke up in the middle of the night (after midnight and a new day of counting) I discovered I had managed 12 more steps?? So I am obviously dancing around in my sleep…every little helps.

Seriously though any exercise even chair exercises are great and as lovely as it is to watch all those box sets on TV we must move off the sofa or we will all have huge bottoms…but more worrying is the threat of poor circulation.

It’s good to learn when talking to various elderly folk that so many of them have taken to doing exercises in the morning rather than let their joints seize up. I told one of my old couples to put their cd player on and have a tea dance.

Keep well and keep active.


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