Supporting students…of all ages

Continuing to support students is vital during these times when schools, colleges and universities are closed. Luckily with technology this is something that is easily achieved. However, what we mustn’t forget is the hard work which goes on in the background organising all the online activities and the tutors who are doing their best to continue to motivate and support their students…and of course some are more dedicated than others.

I can acknowledge the true value of support, as in my own unit, my daughter has appreciated tutors and her university going the extra mile. Additionally, for myself, as a mature student,  (taking my own continual professional development seriously) I am enhancing my own skills with distance learning courses from the BSY Group.

Over the years I have taken several of their courses and the support and quality of course material and assignments is second to none. Doesn’t matter how old we are, a) we are never to old to learn knew things and b) we all crave encouragement and acknowledgement when our efforts are recognised. I for one, look forward to receiving my assignments back and reading my tutor’s comments, hopefully favourable, and of course, taking heed of any advice to keep my study focus on track.

To all those in the education sector sincere thanks for keeping everything going during such a difficult time and that includes all the administration back-up staff as well as the tutors.


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