Being grateful and feeling appreciated

The past few days I thought I would catch up on some reflective reading and picked up my copy of  ‘Love for Imperfect Things’ By Haemin Sumin. I have read several of his amazing books and often bought copies as gifts.

Never has his words of wisdom been more appropriate than now when many people have more time to reflect. I am therefore selecting two of his quotes for today’s post:-

A good job and money are important to our well-being, but when our relationships are harmonious, and we feel appreciated and accepted, that is when we feel most peaceful and content’

Recall one person whom you were grateful to recently. Send her a thank-you email or text message right now. While you write it, you will notice your heart feels warm and happy’ 

Feeling appreciated is often all we need from those we are close to and if we can feel grateful for what we have and what others do we are definitely happier and more contented. I think in the rush of modern day living too often we forget these two simple, though important aspects of relating to others.

Of course remembering just to be kind to ourselves…  as at the moment, self care is vital, and, just as important  as what we are doing to help and support others.

Take care and keep well.


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