Looking forward

There has never been a more crucial time in most households to plan ‘loosely’ something to look forward to. We will resume normal life, but meanwhile we have to continue to be sensible. I hope I’m not the only ‘party pooper’ who feels that things may get dangerously lapse during the 75th VE day anniversary celebrations?

When we look at all the various TV documentaries being rolled out for VE day, and plan garden celebrations this Friday we must be mindful that the ‘enemy’ this time round is invisible and there is no warning unlike the sound the doodlebugs made when bombing parts of our great country. But I will be getting out a tea dress to wear as I raise a glass albeit safe distance…and I think a sing along seems inevitable.

I feel for the older generation who may be feeling very isolated and not having the choice or ability to have a zoom party or enjoy all the various jokes and video clips being circulated which really lift spirits.

For my own part I am reminding my elderly, clients, friends and families that we will do really nice things together and just holding that thought definitely helps…a little. There is no substitute for human interaction but keeping communication by whatever means is well received.

In our own village some of the younger children have been busy making cards for those that live alone and these have meant such a lot. There will be treats finding there way to these star families for certain.


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