Considering the carers

In my village we are lucky there is a great community spirit with people doing all sorts of acts of kindness and offering practical help. We even have a newsletter that is growing week by week with advice to help those in need.

I was asked to contribute something about Dementia and this as my regular followers know is a subject dear to my heart.  So today’s blog I will include an exert because during these past challenging months it has been harder still for carers.

It has never been easier to access information which may just help you feel more comfortable spending time with a loved one or friend. As always, I recommend visiting the Alzheimer’s Society’s website where you will find literature and advice – all free. Their array and quality of literature (which can be posted out) is superb with great tools to help with positive engagement. Support line 0333 1503456

Remember: During the lockdown those caring for somebody with Dementia have had no respite. Day centres and hubs are closed, support workers and family members having to safe distance and not enter homes has left carers coping 24/7 and more often than not with continued disturbed sleep.  If you can find time to ring the carer just to let them know they are not forgotten it will really make a difference.

As my own mentor used to say the biggest gift we can give of ourselves is our time.


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