Be kind to yourself and be grateful

Today I listened to Olive Hickmott’s  positive talk on ‘Active in Redbourn’ which was just what our community needed. I first heard Olive speak some twenty years ago at a Women In Business Networking event and have continually been inspired by her work. My blog today (and indeed most days) echoes everything this amazing woman speaks of.

Suggesting keeping a diary to record things to be grateful for.  Olive – I couldn’t agree more.  I am a strong believer that writing is indeed therapeutic even if nobody else ever reads it. I have always been a great advocate for practising mindfulness and being grateful at the end of each day for what has been good about our day and what is good in our life… which we may have been taking for granted.

I  often remind friends, family and clients to be kinder to themselves and not to be so hard on themselves when tackling a difficult phase in their life. Having a positive outlook will always help us to get through the tough times and realising there are many things in life that we cannot change, but learning to accept, will help us adapt to our new situation.

Our lives during lock-down may, for many, have changed beyond recognition but perhaps given us the opportunity to reflect on what is really important, and, learn new skills and adopt more positive practices.

Trying to keep things in perspective, and, as hard it may seem, keep a sense of humour and learn to laugh more is sound advice. Have fun…we all remember having fun? As my own mentor always maintained laughter is a good tonic.

There is no doubt that being positive and doing things that make us and those around us happy certainly does help to keep us healthier in mind, body and spirit.


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