Carers week…dedicated to the Fox ladies

This week it is carers week and I hope that in these ‘new normal’ times that we can all make an effort to be more supportive of those amazing people who often without choice become a carer. Caring for somebody we love is a very difficult role to adopt as the relationship we have enjoyed for many years changes drastically, and, sometimes suddenly.

Carers are our unsung heroes  they do what they do often selflessly so and without complaining. Their role is more often than not 24/7 and without even those close to them realising just how much they are doing, and/or if they are struggling. Many carers whether it be a mother and child relationship or a husband and wife team see this role as their natural duty and therefore hardly ever ask for help.

So what can we do to support them? Ask if they need help, then ask again…and, when they say ‘I’m fine’  then linger a moment longer and without fear of intruding ask;

‘Are you sure I can’t do anything?’

To all those carers out their I salute you for all that you do, and sometimes, at the cost of your own health.

Remember during lock down carers are having to do it without respite too – so keep the communication line open in whichever way you can.



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