Supporting Dementia

I have been off my blog the past few weeks as I have been pre-occupied with working and completing my advance Dementia Care course in readiness of getting back at some stage with my lovely dementia clients and their amazing carers. During lock down it has  been incredibly tough, with all forms of respite having closed down, carers have had to manage with little or no support.

In our village we have been fortunate to have had a great dementia hub running on a Friday morning and we have all really missed this opportunity to meet, socialise and enjoy cognitive activities. Hubs such as this give the carers a chance to talk to other carers and feel safe in an environment where everybody understands the challenge of living with a loved one with dementia.

We have a lovely hub co-ordinator and between us we have managed to maintain regular contact with all members and as I discussed today with one lovely member – we are like a family.

I hope when things return to some form of normality this group and other much needed respite centres can re-open. Meanwhile, if you know anybody who is a carer, not just of somebody with dementia, try and give them some type of support even if it is just a telephone call once a week so they know they are not forgotten.


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