During Mental Health Awareness week I will continue to blog about kindness and this is whether it is being kind to yourself and/or others.

I remember many years ago a client used to regularly say to his staff:-

It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice’

I guess being kind is part of being considered a ‘nice person’. Alongside my course work my reflective reading this week includes:

‘The language of kindness…A nurse’s story’ by Christine Watson. It is a beautiful book of her time as a nurse giving an insight to just what nurses do on an every day basis. There are many quotes I could offer but the following observation I  think says it all….and probably the same about all of us.

As we become physically stronger life makes us more emotionally fragile’

I think we call this growing up, evolving and coping with whatever life throws at us.

Be gentle with others but be gentle with yourselves, and if you are struggling let somebody know.

Remember the theory about swimmers in trouble…are you just waving or are you actually needing help?


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