British tradition

Those that know me are aware I eat pretty healthily and don’t over indulge in take-aways. However, let’s be honest we all crave a treat now and then and how satisfying it can be to a) not have to cook b) enjoy a traditional meal and c)be able to say the quality was high?

Last night my daughter and I decided it should be a fish and chips night and we are lucky in our village we have a great fish and chip shop ‘The Old Cottage’. The chips are not greasy, but clean and fresh. I was lucky to indulge in rock salmon and be transported back to being a child – the safe option only one large bone. The fish was soft, tasted better than I remembered and the batter light and crispy. I only hear good comments on their food and in a village it’s vital to look after your customers and Nev and his staff certainly do that.

I walked off those few chips this morning and my cats are still licking their lips from their fish supper too. It’s great to support these British Traditions especially when you know the proprietor carefully selects his produce from quality suppliers for best results.



Beautiful cat..’Keep Scratching’

Just returned from a trip to the vets with our amazing cat Lenny. Poor lad such a beautiful furry boy… just a domestic long haired but convinced he is a posh cat  – when he is not thinking he is a dog! Cat’s are so switched on they see that cat box and suddenly become as strong as a lion as one tries to wrestle them in.

If like me you are a real cat lover (crazy cat woman) you may enjoy my anthology of cat poetry on Kindle books available from Amazon @ £3.50:

Keep scratching‘ is published and written under my pen name Evelyn King with purrfect cover illustration by Paul Manning


The love of a pet

For many people who are animal lovers they may be accused at times of going over-board in terms of how they care for their pets. The reality is if you have a pet you should be prepared to look after it properly and consider all aspects of its health and wellbeing. Animals rely on you to love and protect them and ensure that all their needs are met.

Over the years we have had several cats and loved them all with each one having different characters. Our beloved maisy was a rescue cat and has given us many years of love and affection, such a sweetie but very sensitive.  Today she has been to see our lovely local vet as again she is suffering from detachment issues which manifest themselves in over-cleaning. This is part of her fretting for her human sibling proving one cannot under-estimate the love and attachment a pet feels for its family members.

My followers will remember last time we had similar problems I enjoyed the effects of the pet clamer plug in a little too much, so this time I am only plugging it in for a few hours at a time. Maisy is sat next to me whilst I am blogging and relaxing following her steroid injection. Hopefully I will be able to report that her fur reverts to its pristine condition very shortly.

So for those parents suffering from the empty nest syndrome as our children return to university following the Christmas break…remember to check the furry family members who may also be feeling the void they have left.



A grey Monday morning may leave one feeling a bit miserable but turning our focus to something that inspires us and makes us happy is a good start to the week.

I still maintain that being kind to those we come into contact with gives us the opportunity to grow, be the bigger person and start that karma account which will return positive things in the future.

There are some people we encounter where being kind can prove a real challenge and there we have it…the accept it, reflect a while and agree that the option to still be kind is the right one. We never know what journey that difficult person has been on which has led them to come out scratching but do we have to react? No.

The one thing we all have is the ability to chose how we behaviour we have no control over others… but we can perhaps encourage them to feel better and who knows maybe act better. Kill them with kindness I say, smile keep the world guessing.

Thoughts from the crazy cat lady…so hate people that hiss!


Purrfect night sleep

Those of us who are animal lovers all know that our pets are upset by severe weathers or stressful situations. My she cat Maisy is fretting after my daughter’s return to university so along with plenty of attention I use a plug in calmer.

This week of course the strange weather has unsettled my furry family and a little bit of wind picking up outside last night set Maisy off as I was getting in to bed. After ten or fifteen minutes of trying to settle her I decided to put the plug in calmer on using the landing socket.

Well last night I had the best night sleep in a very long time, my daughter informed me that I am high on cat nip! Close friends have re-confirmed their long term suspicions I am indeed ‘the crazy cat lady’ Come to think of it maybe that’s why I’m growing whiskers…and I never have liked the hoover!

For my male and science guru followers: Why is it that Scientists can perfect space travel but still we await a silent hoover…funny that eh?

P.S. Today’s disclaimer: I am not personally recommending that any humans use products meant for animals…or vice a versa!


Calming influence of animals

DSC00006 candy face


Speaking as the crazy cat lady of my village….it’s true I do value and appreciate the gifts that my feline friends provide. I am not talking about some of the interesting objects they fetch in or the hairs they leave on my best jacket…I am referring to the calm and affection they bring. *Above photo of our much loved and missed cat Candy.

It is a proven fact in terms of health benefits stroking a cat or a dog lowers our blood pressure level. Have you ever noticed if you are unwell or maybe feeling unhappy animals seems to know and come to you?

Having a pet can certainly left the spirits and for those living alone having a dog encourages you to get out, exercise and meet people.

I always maintain a home isn’t a home without a cat..but then I am bias.

Feline stressed

Today I will write about animal stress and behaviour. Just returned from our fabulous local vet as one of our beloved furry family members has been over-grooming again. Only this time we haven’t seen her doing it and it is far worse. We forget that it doesn’t take too much in terms of disruption to their routine and world of comfort to upset them.

Said feline friend frets when my daughter is away at university; having been home a month we had hoped it would be better but now it would appear her over-grooming is now a pattern of behaviour too. She looks a sorry sight but seems happy enough, plays and purrs??

As I said recently when talking about humans the outward signs can be very misleading as we are all capable of putting on a brave face and this applies whether our whiskers are stubbly or long and beautiful.

Time for the plug in and a few catnip toys me thinks! As for love and affection she is never in short supply of either in our house.

So today’s blog’s message is… look for the signs that are not obvious with those you love whether they be furry, feathered or covered in skin…all three types can be oh so sensitive.