The love of a pet

For many people who are animal lovers they may be accused at times of going over-board in terms of how they care for their pets. The reality is if you have a pet you should be prepared to look after it properly and consider all aspects of its health and wellbeing. Animals rely on you to love and protect them and ensure that all their needs are met.

Over the years we have had several cats and loved them all with each one having different characters. Our beloved maisy was a rescue cat and has given us many years of love and affection, such a sweetie but very sensitive.  Today she has been to see our lovely local vet as again she is suffering from detachment issues which manifest themselves in over-cleaning. This is part of her fretting for her human sibling proving one cannot under-estimate the love and attachment a pet feels for its family members.

My followers will remember last time we had similar problems I enjoyed the effects of the pet clamer plug in a little too much, so this time I am only plugging it in for a few hours at a time. Maisy is sat next to me whilst I am blogging and relaxing following her steroid injection. Hopefully I will be able to report that her fur reverts to its pristine condition very shortly.

So for those parents suffering from the empty nest syndrome as our children return to university following the Christmas break…remember to check the furry family members who may also be feeling the void they have left.



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