Purrfect night sleep

Those of us who are animal lovers all know that our pets are upset by severe weathers or stressful situations. My she cat Maisy is fretting after my daughter’s return to university so along with plenty of attention I use a plug in calmer.

This week of course the strange weather has unsettled my furry family and a little bit of wind picking up outside last night set Maisy off as I was getting in to bed. After ten or fifteen minutes of trying to settle her I decided to put the plug in calmer on using the landing socket.

Well last night I had the best night sleep in a very long time, my daughter informed me that I am high on cat nip! Close friends have re-confirmed their long term suspicions I am indeed ‘the crazy cat lady’ Come to think of it maybe that’s why I’m growing whiskers…and I never have liked the hoover!

For my male and science guru followers: Why is it that Scientists can perfect space travel but still we await a silent hoover…funny that eh?

P.S. Today’s disclaimer: I am not personally recommending that any humans use products meant for animals…or vice a versa!



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