Winding down after exams…with Keats

I am mindful that my blog has been neglected I have had reason to rant…but I confess I too have been winding down after exam invigilating, supporting students through the exam period and being a mature student. Though I still have an exam to do!! However, I have not been lazing around and have enjoyed a few cultural experiences alongside the usual challenges of my counselling and freelance work.

Last weekend I attended an event organised by the Redbourn Museum where we were fortunate to be visited by Professor Nicholas Roe from St Andrews University a historian and writer specialising in Keats one of the greats.  We were treated to a great talk and I managed to purchase and have signed his latest book on John Keats. This followed an interesting evening of poetry and wine in the museum gardens where various poetry lovers read from their favourite books; I chose Rupert Brookes, a few Haiku gems and one or too old favourites.

I had forgotten just how much poetry had featured in my own life and reflected on happy memories of reading from my mother’s poetry books as a small child. Writing poetry, indeed any writing is always therapeutic and it can be fun don’t forget even if you just write it for your own private reasons. However, don’t be shy try and get it published you may surprise yourself.

Normal daily blogging will resume now and for those students awaiting exam results try not to get too stressed enjoy your break you have earned it and I wish you all well with your results and chosen career paths. I will be writing about how choices change in the forthcoming weeks…and sometimes unexpectedly for the better.



Beautiful cat..’Keep Scratching’

Just returned from a trip to the vets with our amazing cat Lenny. Poor lad such a beautiful furry boy… just a domestic long haired but convinced he is a posh cat  – when he is not thinking he is a dog! Cat’s are so switched on they see that cat box and suddenly become as strong as a lion as one tries to wrestle them in.

If like me you are a real cat lover (crazy cat woman) you may enjoy my anthology of cat poetry on Kindle books available from Amazon @ £3.50:

Keep scratching‘ is published and written under my pen name Evelyn King with purrfect cover illustration by Paul Manning


Purrfect night sleep

Those of us who are animal lovers all know that our pets are upset by severe weathers or stressful situations. My she cat Maisy is fretting after my daughter’s return to university so along with plenty of attention I use a plug in calmer.

This week of course the strange weather has unsettled my furry family and a little bit of wind picking up outside last night set Maisy off as I was getting in to bed. After ten or fifteen minutes of trying to settle her I decided to put the plug in calmer on using the landing socket.

Well last night I had the best night sleep in a very long time, my daughter informed me that I am high on cat nip! Close friends have re-confirmed their long term suspicions I am indeed ‘the crazy cat lady’ Come to think of it maybe that’s why I’m growing whiskers…and I never have liked the hoover!

For my male and science guru followers: Why is it that Scientists can perfect space travel but still we await a silent hoover…funny that eh?

P.S. Today’s disclaimer: I am not personally recommending that any humans use products meant for animals…or vice a versa!


Calming influence of animals

DSC00006 candy face


Speaking as the crazy cat lady of my village….it’s true I do value and appreciate the gifts that my feline friends provide. I am not talking about some of the interesting objects they fetch in or the hairs they leave on my best jacket…I am referring to the calm and affection they bring. *Above photo of our much loved and missed cat Candy.

It is a proven fact in terms of health benefits stroking a cat or a dog lowers our blood pressure level. Have you ever noticed if you are unwell or maybe feeling unhappy animals seems to know and come to you?

Having a pet can certainly left the spirits and for those living alone having a dog encourages you to get out, exercise and meet people.

I always maintain a home isn’t a home without a cat..but then I am bias.

End of exams..where’s my flip flops

The examination period is finally coming to an end for invigilators and students. It has been a long hot summer for many and I am mindful for all students as they now have the anticipated wait for the results of said exams. You have done your best (hopefully) and remember if you don’t get that first option at university the second may end up being the better option for you in the longer term.

Now is the time to recharge those batteries, wind down and have some fun. I say that with a degree of caution reminding students not to over do things, after exams one can feel run down and it is easy to feel unwell.

I think we have all experienced the holiday flu as our body sighs a relief that it is starting to relax…prime time for bugs to creep in. I am telling myself the exact same things as I wind down for a well deserved break away in Cornwall. The nature of my work, which although an enjoyable challenge takes its toll and I will try to practice what I preach about taking time out to do the things we enjoy.

Packing goodies for my retreat, plenty of treats and good reading material, last three months writers news (never get time to read that!!)..just incase the weather is unkind. Who knows I may even get time to write some poetry – I am inspired by a lovely new writer friend who is a talented writer of Haiku works.

No broadband at my cottage; so off line for emails and away from the blog but will return bursting with energy and full of cream teas!

Keep healthy and be happy fellow bloggers and my lovely followers – life is short so have that naughty ice know you want to.








The power of sleep

Lack of sleep can cause all sorts of problems aside of the obvious tiredness our reactions are not as quick and swapping to grumpy mode can be easier than normal.

For a number of reasons I am hardly sleeping lately and fight against the tiredness to get things done. However, my intelligence tells me to listen to my poor old body and curl up and sleep just as my two cats are as I write today’s blog.

This morning, I have been sensible cancelled a meeting and did not drive until I am feeling more awake. Taking it slightly easy this morning before working with clients this afternoon. Animals take recovery from injury or illness very seriously alas us humans think we are indestructable when of course we are not.

I am always advising friends and family to take things easier when unwell and maybe today it’s a case of healer heal thy self! Seriously I think I will come back as a cat next time as long as I go to a good home a bit of life time pampering sounds good to me.




Is my cat listening?

OK I confess I  am known as ‘crazy cat woman‘ with friends buying me signs and mugs stating this obvious fact.

Seriously, I am certain I am not alone in talking to my cats. The other day Maisy and I were deep in conversation about just how daft Lenny (the tom cat brother from another mother) is.

I found myself telling her how clever and pretty she was and received a rather blank stare I found myself explaining what pretty meant and using other words to describe my beautiful furry friend. More worrying was that this conversation was said out loud and not in my head.

The six million dollar question to be answered I guess is…Is my Cat listening? And, secondly, just how good is her vocabulary anyway? I always encourage everyone to learn a new word a day so I don’t see my feline friend should be left out.

With apologies to Lenny as I did find him reading a book the other night. (I have photographic proof too)!!

Regular followers: No need for concern the blood sugar level is a bit low this morning and normal service will be resumed shortly.

Finding time to relax

Life is one continual rush for most people  I meet and finding time for one’s self is so often put to the end of the list. It is not a crime to want mind space for yourself or to take time out to do something you enjoy.

I have been recovering from rather painful tooth abscess and extraction and was pleased to receive a great gift in the post. An adult colouring book!! I know I have teased many female friends and family members for indulging in this trend the past year or so…but I am now hooked.

For my screen break yesterday I coloured in a few very fine cats using my lovely coloured pencils bought for me by my daughter and it was a very calming and enjoyable session.My book also had little cat poems and thought provoking quotes.

I am currently working with and researching ways to help various clients in stroke recovery and/or dementia sufferers and I will be using this creative relaxer alongside my other sensory and reminiscence writing work.

So whether it be colouring in, listening to music of reading that book…just do it. Don’t feel guilty and be like me go the whole hog and eat a crunchie bar too.

Happy weekend fellow bloggers and followers.

Happiness…being a cat

People measure happiness in all kinds of ways and it may seem that some people are not happy unless they are complaining…we all know people like that! My amazing mother and mentor would label such people as ‘having a flea in their ear’!

Happiness comes from within, yes another person can enrich our life but expecting the whole of our life’s happiness to lay in the hands of our partner, children or best friend is unrealistic and suffocating.

Life is undoubtedly what we make it and with such a little effort we can find that happiness we crave and maybe enrich the lives of others too.

I discussed this recently with somebody who realises they are negative and no doubt finds a positive person like me very irritating. We have to want to effect change and it isn’t about changing our character but adopting a more positive attitude that will not only make us happier but make life easier for those around us.

I see this a typical relationship between my two cats, my tom is as daft as a brush but oh so loving whereas my little lady cat is far more intelligent and finds his energetic antics very annoying and he is often met with a hiss and a paw swipe around his ear.

But in life we cannot really go around hissing at people who are demanding of our time, sanity and patience..if we are honest we know they are unhappy or they wouldn’t come out scratching. Really they need stroking but withdraw away and if we corner them emotionally the fur will only fly.

I am very fortunate as I have a great circle of positive close friends (cool cats) .When we go out together we inspire each other and have fun alongside being able to share the struggles we may be having too. We all come away purring and my breakfast buddy today gives so much to everyone…a purrfect feline

As usual I prove my point and of course Freud’s ‘the talking cure’ gets us on the road to happiness. To the old tom cat reading my blog today…yes we come from the same litter in another life. Brother from another mother!

If you like the catty style of my blog today please read ‘Keep Scratching’ (by Evelyn King); my Kindle anthology of cat poems is available from Amazon.