Happiness…being a cat

People measure happiness in all kinds of ways and it may seem that some people are not happy unless they are complaining…we all know people like that! My amazing mother and mentor would label such people as ‘having a flea in their ear’!

Happiness comes from within, yes another person can enrich our life but expecting the whole of our life’s happiness to lay in the hands of our partner, children or best friend is unrealistic and suffocating.

Life is undoubtedly what we make it and with such a little effort we can find that happiness we crave and maybe enrich the lives of others too.

I discussed this recently with somebody who realises they are negative and no doubt finds a positive person like me very irritating. We have to want to effect change and it isn’t about changing our character but adopting a more positive attitude that will not only make us happier but make life easier for those around us.

I see this a typical relationship between my two cats, my tom is as daft as a brush but oh so loving whereas my little lady cat is far more intelligent and finds his energetic antics very annoying and he is often met with a hiss and a paw swipe around his ear.

But in life we cannot really go around hissing at people who are demanding of our time, sanity and patience..if we are honest we know they are unhappy or they wouldn’t come out scratching. Really they need stroking but withdraw away and if we corner them emotionally the fur will only fly.

I am very fortunate as I have a great circle of positive close friends (cool cats) .When we go out together we inspire each other and have fun alongside being able to share the struggles we may be having too. We all come away purring and my breakfast buddy today gives so much to everyone…a purrfect feline

As usual I prove my point and of course Freud’s ‘the talking cure’ gets us on the road to happiness. To the old tom cat reading my blog today…yes we come from the same litter in another life. Brother from another mother!

If you like the catty style of my blog today please read ‘Keep Scratching’ (by Evelyn King); my Kindle anthology of cat poems is available from Amazon.


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