The power of sleep

Lack of sleep can cause all sorts of problems aside of the obvious tiredness our reactions are not as quick and swapping to grumpy mode can be easier than normal.

For a number of reasons I am hardly sleeping lately and fight against the tiredness to get things done. However, my intelligence tells me to listen to my poor old body and curl up and sleep just as my two cats are as I write today’s blog.

This morning, I have been sensible cancelled a meeting and did not drive until I am feeling more awake. Taking it slightly easy this morning before working with clients this afternoon. Animals take recovery from injury or illness very seriously alas us humans think we are indestructable when of course we are not.

I am always advising friends and family to take things easier when unwell and maybe today it’s a case of healer heal thy self!¬†Seriously I think I will come back as a cat next time as long as I go to a good home a bit of life time pampering sounds good to me.





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