Finding time to relax

Life is one continual rush for most people  I meet and finding time for one’s self is so often put to the end of the list. It is not a crime to want mind space for yourself or to take time out to do something you enjoy.

I have been recovering from rather painful tooth abscess and extraction and was pleased to receive a great gift in the post. An adult colouring book!! I know I have teased many female friends and family members for indulging in this trend the past year or so…but I am now hooked.

For my screen break yesterday I coloured in a few very fine cats using my lovely coloured pencils bought for me by my daughter and it was a very calming and enjoyable session.My book also had little cat poems and thought provoking quotes.

I am currently working with and researching ways to help various clients in stroke recovery and/or dementia sufferers and I will be using this creative relaxer alongside my other sensory and reminiscence writing work.

So whether it be colouring in, listening to music of reading that book…just do it. Don’t feel guilty and be like me go the whole hog and eat a crunchie bar too.

Happy weekend fellow bloggers and followers.


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