The Little Book of Kisses


As Valentine looms the shops are full of cards and the usual chocolate hearts..but how about something different this year?

‘The Little Book of Kisses’ by Dolly Christmas is now available to download to Kindle from Amazon. At £3.50 is a good fun book for somebody you love or if you fancy having a chuckle about the joys of kissing. To quote an ex-boyfriend ‘Kissing is serious fun!’


Cover illustration by Paul Manning



Keeping healthy

We all know that we take our health for granted and push our bodies sometimes to the limit. If, however, you have had and survived serious illness your attitude towards the value of good health and one’s spiritual wellbeing changes…and for the better.

Modern day people never take recovery seriously and often rush back to work too soon, sometimes this is not just about the financial burdens we all face but that we are on the run from the emotional element of being ill and feeling vulnerable.

Today I have had an interesting chat with a family member and we exchanged honestly how we have both felt after coming through serious illness and agreed that people do need to feel grateful and take life a little easier.

Getting in touch with one’s spiritual self is really beneficial and often this can be enhanced by reading the great works of others who have completed a spiritual journey.

Relaxing with a book not only keeps us writers from starving…you are never alone when you are reading but you may find an inner peace depending what you read and escaping from our own life with a book for an hour or two is a mini-holiday.

Balancing our life with relaxation and exercise will keep both mind and body healthy.

I always joke when I have been studying that I am doing my mental exercise. Great!

The Little book of Kisses


My kindle book  The Little Book of Kisses’ is available to download from Amazon. Written in my pen name Dolly Christmas giving a comical insight into the magical world of kissing.


What the world needs now is more humour and definitely more kissing!

At £3.50 a great Valentine’s gift or fun time read…life get’s just too serious.

The Little Book of Kisses

My kindle book about kissing…yes that’s right kissing will be available from Amazon by the 15th of January..a month before Valentine’s  and an ideal gift to make a loved one smile and who know’s maybe encourage a bit more kissing. Contents include: revealing the many secrets and advantages of kissing, butterfly kisses and  burning off calories.

Published by Credo Publishing written by Dolly Christmas a little taster follows:-

‘Maybe I am just an incurable romantic but there’s nothing more exciting than those first tender and/or passionate kisses in a new relationship. Coupled with the idea that he/she may ‘be the one’ there is often a fear of the unknown; can they kiss you the way you like to be kissed, want to be kissed or even let’s face it more importantly how you deserve to be kissed.’

‘The Little Book of Kisses’…coming soon.

A tidier start to 2017

I always have a bit of a tidy up and de-clutter at the end of the year/beginning a new one but have to confess boy am I in need of it this time round!

Whilst spending my time gaining various qualifications as a mature student and researching and writing my various projects I have allowed the home office to become a sea of files and oh so useful papers.

A family member, an estate agent, stayed over xmas and suggested a de-clutter was called for. He advised me that my ‘homely’ look was in fact just untidy! So in readiness of filling all the storage boxes I have ordered I started a bit of rationalising it all today and found a book on de-cluttering under a pile of stuff! Now that one could not make up..but it certainly made my best buddy and life coach pal laugh.

Magazines are always full of tips to de-clutter and organise our lives at the strat of a new year and we all start off with good intentions..this year I am going to apply the NLP techniques I know on myself and streamline.

It doesn’t come easy to me with an approach of ‘handy if you never use it’ and I know I am not alone as a child of parents from the second world war and the time of rationing that we have a tendancy to hoard things.

It seems many of us have far too many things and not enough storage so something has to give. But I just can’t part with books, even with my own books published on Kindle one can’t beat a real book…the older the better.