World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day: How could I go without posting a few lines from one of my own poems? Yesterday being the first day of spring I have chosen something romantic..everyone loves a fool in love. Inspired by a very special guy albeit a cad!

The Stranger’s Garden

Last Summer a butterfly drifted into the stranger’s garden. Enticed by his flowers and well kept lawn. She was caught unawares in his net.

She’s happy it is a sunny place to be. There are new things to see every day. She wants to stay – she likes it there.

In the house, and from a safe distance, He watches her beauty. Still uncertain of her colours.

He believes he has captured her. Her flutter-like moods amuse and intrigue him.He’s gentle so as not to damage her delicate wings.

Annie Manning  February 2003

Oh the madness of love eh time to reach for the kettle and  choccy biccy or two.

Drat..the beauty of mobiles just had a message from my dentist a check up due…somebody loves me!


Let’s get kissing

On the count down to Valentine’s and what a great on-line purchase a kindle book on kissing might be?

‘The Little Book of Kisses’ by Dolly Christmas is available from Amazon to download


An amusing publication about kissing, An ideal sgift for your own Valentine. Kissing is a serious fun past time but is it becoming a dying art? The author examines the truth about kissing, instinct and protocol. Behavioural or preference? Keeping healthy…yes burning calories is just one advantage …the perfect lovers diet and how kissing is good for your dental hygiene. Her mission is to encourage more kissing to produce natural heat and save the planet. She reveals some of the good and the bad personal experiences and the joys of kissing a few frogs.

Valentine gift of kisses

‘The little book of Kisses’ by Dolly Christmas is available to download from Amazon and a great amusing read and gift for this valentine’s day.


The author’s aim is to get more people taking kissing seriously and to make our own heat to save the there’s a thought. Save on household heating too!

Don’t forget by downloading on kindle you are saving paper and trees as well.

Cover design by Paul Manning




The Little Book of Kisses


As Valentine looms the shops are full of cards and the usual chocolate hearts..but how about something different this year?

‘The Little Book of Kisses’ by Dolly Christmas is now available to download to Kindle from Amazon. At £3.50 is a good fun book for somebody you love or if you fancy having a chuckle about the joys of kissing. To quote an ex-boyfriend ‘Kissing is serious fun!’


Cover illustration by Paul Manning


The Little book of Kisses


My kindle book  The Little Book of Kisses’ is available to download from Amazon. Written in my pen name Dolly Christmas giving a comical insight into the magical world of kissing.


What the world needs now is more humour and definitely more kissing!

At £3.50 a great Valentine’s gift or fun time read…life get’s just too serious.

The Little Book of Kisses

My kindle book about kissing…yes that’s right kissing will be available from Amazon by the 15th of January..a month before Valentine’s  and an ideal gift to make a loved one smile and who know’s maybe encourage a bit more kissing. Contents include: revealing the many secrets and advantages of kissing, butterfly kisses and  burning off calories.

Published by Credo Publishing written by Dolly Christmas a little taster follows:-

‘Maybe I am just an incurable romantic but there’s nothing more exciting than those first tender and/or passionate kisses in a new relationship. Coupled with the idea that he/she may ‘be the one’ there is often a fear of the unknown; can they kiss you the way you like to be kissed, want to be kissed or even let’s face it more importantly how you deserve to be kissed.’

‘The Little Book of Kisses’…coming soon.

The Little Book of Kisses


Today I am excited as the cover for my new book ‘The Little Book of Kisses‘ has been created by the extremely talented graphics designer Paul Manning.

This project is under my pen and family name of Dolly Christmas and will be available initially from Amazon Kindle Books in the coming days. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Full press release to follow but just giving my friends and followers a sneak preview of the fabulous cover.

Don’t you just love Fridays and kissing….

The Little Book of Kisses

After a week of emotive blogs I thought I would end the week on a happier and somewhat more light-hearted note.

I am finalising the publishing of my ‘The Little Book of Kisses‘ Kindle project in time for Christmas and ready for Valentine’s 2017.

My very talented nephew Graphics Designer Paul Manning is currently working on the kindle cover…so watch this space.

I will announce as soon as  itbecomes available on Amazon.

Have a good weekend fellow bloggers and followers and…get kissing.

Time for your projects

I am guilty of neglecting my own projects and on a  regular basis. The art of juggling working, studying and family life is not easy for any of us.

Today I  have found time to return to one of my neglected writing projects and last editing of my:-

‘The Little Book of Kisses’ an amusing look at the art of kissing which I will shortly be putting onto kindle in time for Christmas and in readiness for Valentines 2017.

I am just hoping I can convince my extremely talented nephew to again do the honours and create a suitable cover.