World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day: How could I go without posting a few lines from one of my own poems? Yesterday being the first day of spring I have chosen something romantic..everyone loves a fool in love. Inspired by a very special guy albeit a cad!

The Stranger’s Garden

Last Summer a butterfly drifted into the stranger’s garden. Enticed by his flowers and well kept lawn. She was caught unawares in his net.

She’s happy it is a sunny place to be. There are new things to see every day. She wants to stay – she likes it there.

In the house, and from a safe distance, He watches her beauty. Still uncertain of her colours.

He believes he has captured her. Her flutter-like moods amuse and intrigue him.He’s gentle so as not to damage her delicate wings.

Annie Manning  February 2003

Oh the madness of love eh time to reach for the kettle and  choccy biccy or two.

Drat..the beauty of mobiles just had a message from my dentist a check up due…somebody loves me!


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