My mum and Richard Gere

Everyone’s talking about the kindness of George Clooney visiting an 87 year old in a nursing home making her day. Well done George I say!

It immediately reminded me of my mum’s wee crush on Richard Gere and how her and a few ladies from her church club would take themselves off to the cinema to see his films. This really made me chuckle they were in their seventies. One day she did say;

‘I have left the bedroom window open, but, alas, he didn’t climb in’.

This was followed by the fact that;

‘Remember -having a man brings dirty socks too’. ..What a woman!

Why am  telling this story?… as we approach Mother’s day for those of us who find this day a struggle I am suggesting you think of a funny story of your own mother to bring a smile to your that is what they would want. For us to remember their love and the good times.

My own tribute to Dorothy (my mum) is available  now on Amazon Kindle.

‘A Mother’s Love’ My Mum said…Gospels according to Dorothy.



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