Missing the Ferry…sheer Irish magic!

Last night fans of ‘Missing the Ferry’ were treated to a sizzling hot night of great music at the Farmer’s Boy pub St Albans. The band consisting of three oh so talented brothers, Paul, Kevin and Chris Anderson and Kevin (the adopted brother and fourth band member). All three men have great voices as well as  skilful playing of multi-instruments throughout the night.

They played some of the really great Irish classics: Dirty Old Town, Galway girl, Black Velvet Band, Irish Rover and had everyone loving their St Patrick’s weekend set. The band also writes their own songs that avid followers love and expect…more please guys! They played some of my favourite, and most haunting Irish ballads with Chris on Mandolin and Paul on the penny whistle the pub was filled with what can only be described as ‘Sheer Irish magic’.

Paul confessed to having a cold, and having lived with a singer for many years I know this affects one’s voice, but I have to say he sounded even more like Bob Dylan brilliant. Kevin on bass guitar sings in such a natural Irish way..don’t think he realises just how good he is..so laid back.

Chris the youngest of the three brothers has a lot of energy and passion for his music and is an engaging frontman when required. All four members really complement each other’s varying talents, dynamics in the band work well. They are obviously are having so much fun and always ensure that their audience do too.

Well done to Kevin for his rendition of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire..really was party night and a great way to end St Patrick’s celebrations.


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