Surviving the blitz…kindness of strangers

Morning fellow bloggers, writers, friends, family and positive folk.  I was absent from my blog yesterday as I had a trip to London. I know a few close friends and family raised an eyebrow or two (well those that didn’t pluck them when they were younger!!) that I was ‘still going’.

Of course I was ‘still going’, my mother survived the London bombings of World War II and if there was one thing she taught our family was not to live our lives in fear. She also talked often of the kindness of strangers during that time and the positive spirit of Londoners.

As events which have left many of us greatly saddened and shocked this week proved, yet again, how strangers will run to the aid of others. Today however, like so many, I would like to congratulate all our emergency services for the amazing job they do every day and especially days like Wednesday.

Turning up for work in London…

I for one really appreciated seeing a good Police presence yesterday at mainline stations and sincere thanks to the amazing medical professional I saw at London UCLH hospital.


However, I am mindful that this week’s events will bring to the surface traumatic memories for those who have been caught up in and/or witnessed previous similar tragedies both home and abroad. As always support those that need it and allow them to talk and release any personal emotions and new anxieties.

Remember:  these are isolated, albeit unforgiveable attacks, and, the Police are thwarting these and protecting us all the time. Be positive, go about your normal business and live a day at a time.

Tell those you love them that you do…to the moon and back. Does it need saying? Yes it certainly does!!


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