A Mother’s Love

Last year whilst studying and researching for my various counselling qualifications, I finally made sense of various notes and memories about my amazing mother and wrote a book about a mother’s love. My aim was to have it published for this year’s Mother’s Day…alas that didn’t happen

It stagnated for a while with an agent who run out of time and budget for projects and now I am approaching publishers, so toes and fingers crossed.

I have just re-read some of it and reminded myself just how deep that love was and what a great mentor my own mother (my inspiration for this project) was.

We do take people for granted intentionally or not and as a follower of my blog confessed;  when we are young we struggle to maintain relationships with our parents but parents fully appreciate/realise being a teenager is difficult…so is being 57! ouch!

So to that sensitive male my message is simply this don’t have regrets just love!



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