Broken hearts…

Do many of us actually reach an age of maturity (whatever that may be) without having our hearts broken? I doubt it, but not all of us will openly admit it.

The power to love another is an amazing gift but sometimes we give it to the wrong person who at the time we are certain they are! That my friends is life.

We’ve all been there, writing can of course be extremely therapeutic. A piece included within my anthology ‘Beyond the Double Rainbow’  describes that feeling.

The cord

 I feel as though I’m tied to him

Just like a Mother and her unborn child.

I wait patiently for the birth of our love to arrive

…so I can at last dance free again.


Will the child breathe easy unaided by me?

Is it a healthy child or is it frail and undernourished?

I so wanted it to be a happy bonny child

…like love’s supposed to be.


Who will be brave enough to finally cut the cord?

Will we both survive and live and love separately?

Or will one of us be unable to cope –

….alone without the warmth of the other’s love.


And so the song says *‘if you love someone set them free’

and ‘The tallest trees most definitely grow apart’

Annie Manning




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