Children’s projects -bereavement

I am always telling friends and clients how delays in life and business happen for a reason! However it doesn’t stop me being disappointed from time to time when my own projects take longer than I envisaged whatever the good reason!

Like most writers I have to pitch to agents and publishers; the weeks turn into months and before one realises your dream project is still in manuscript form rather than a beautiful book. But don’t dishearten.

My projects are ‘my babies’ and I love to see them grow and blossom. One particular project very dear to me was written to help younger children with bereavement. It is a true, yet emotive story based on my own daughter’s experience when my mother was dying of cancer.

I have been in communication the past year with a national bereavement charity and really hope this project will soon be off the ground and raising funds and awareness.

So today’s message is keep at it – Continual to chase your dreams you might catch one.


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