I am happy

Just been contacted by a dear friend and a follower of my blog – concerned about my state of mind or should I say happiness levels having read last few posts. She is also aware that I am known to dance strangely to songs like the ‘Monster Mash’ but that is only on very special occasions and with the right dancing partner!

Setting the record straight: I am happy and healthy I believe but have my share of sadness to overcome as does everyone; but just to confirm my blog is mainly to help others who may be going through bereavement… hence posts about mindfulness, support charities and hopefully a few words of wisdom to let the bereaved know they are not alone in their journey.

The blog site is also a platform to promote my own writing and specific publications… I am my own marketing department too!! Joys of being a poor tortured writer eh?

I think ‘said follower’ tunes in more when I write the random blogs which normally embarrass my daughter (who thinks I am losing the plot and questions my sanity) when I steer away from my serious subjects.

Just goes to prove one can’t please everybody every day.



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