Knowing our limitations

I know like many I am terribly hard on myself and always setting the bar high to achieve and be the best I can be.

However, there are some days where we may not be so full of energy and our dynamic streak seems to be having a little nap. So on these days do we look at the list of things to do and cherry pick? Yes, why not!

I have always maintained that at times we may not be able to deliver our very best so recognising that isn’t an admission of failure but more of a case of knowing our limitations…even if for one day.

Tomorrow will be another day and not only will we achieve that higher level but we may be inspired to do something a different way…and perhaps that breathing space is just what was needed.

I am applying this to my own projects today, one is very demanding and I am thinking my level of chocolate intake may not be high enough to cope! My torture instead will be the neglected admin stuff. Ugh!

Now knowing one’s limitations where chocolate concerned is a whole other subject for a blog…another day.

Remember followers please keep hydrated we all under-estimate the value of water balance in our bodies..I am certain I was a mermaid in another life.



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