Feet firmly on the ground

Body language as we know reveals a lot of how we are feeling and what we are thinking all the time. When we are nervous we can quite easily become foot twitchers.

One of the simplest things any of us can do is keep control of our feet. I learned many years ago that if one keeps both feet placed firmly on the ground we are as they say ‘grounded’. I know a lot of holistic practitioners apply this simply theory when working with children and it helps. This not only improves our concentration and focus but it gives us a feeling of confidence in a situation where we may feel nervous or out of our comfort zone.

Summer is exam time for a lot of students of all ages; for many it has started already. Aside of my continuous tips to keep hydrated and those sugar levels up. Try and think about what you are doing with your legs and feet. Tying one’s legs in knots or worse still sitting on them will not help blood circulation.When our body is under stress and the old adrenaline racing we need the blood pumping at its best.

My tip today to all students is to keep your feet firmly on the ground…try it and see!

Would I fib to my young followers? No!

You know this stuff you can do it good luck to you all.


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