Be still

My amazing mentor mother often used to use the phrase ‘be still’ as a child I thought that just meant be quiet but as I grew older and wiser I realised it meant far more.

Sundays I love to watch and listen to ‘The Big Question’ instead of going to church and listening to one religion I listen to the debates of all religions and beliefs to learn more!

Too many great names of respected intellects and religious leaders to name, but the Hindu representative spoke of ‘Be still’ and ‘the chattering of minds’.

Many great comments made today including ‘we cannot have divinity if we have violence’.

Discussion often on how all religions are to some degree about control  of an empire and often based around fear and that is true whatever your religion may be.

One of the contributors wisely pointed out we shouldn’t separate the body from the soul.

Forgiveness and love should be present in all our lives and I definitely agreed with the point made by one participant ‘don’t let other people’s damage ..damage you’

I think the main thing is not to think of one’s self as a good Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu but as a good person respectful and considerate of others.

My mentor was right to bring us up to be eclectic in our approach to life and forgiving of others.

By the way the subject of the programme today was:-

Did man create god?  I think in many ways this was answered as a yes but as ever science and religion were running alongside questioning who is right and who can prove either way.

Advancement in science is certainly filling in some of the gaps as we go along and maybe leaving us with bigger questions to ask. Of course we will all know the answers in the next life…in this one we are all too busy still making mistakes.


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