Freedom of speech or bullying?

As a writer I love to have  rant and believe in freedom of speech and democracy. However, where modern media is concerned the lines seem to have become sadly blurred and many people now feel it is acceptable to cyber bully others publicly.

Those that follow my blog know that I support the anti bullying charities in their efforts to help the victims of such unkind and unnecessary bullying who are often young and vulnerable children.

In previous blogs and articles I have raised the question why do these perpetrators not stand back and think before posting? In no time they have started something that others quickly ‘like’ and which adds further pressure and pain to the victims?

As a spokesperson for a support charity recently reminded a Horizon audience;

‘Bullying is now 24/7’  Making escape from it much harder, it doesn’t end when children leave the school premises.

To anybody out there being bullied in this way, make sure you tell somebody (especially your school) and get support asap.

Remember the bullying says far more about the bullies than it does about you. Bullies often go on to suffer with depression in later life when they finally grow up and reflect back.

If I get bullied by this posting I am ignoring it – so please don’t bother.



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