Not a secret to me!

I have just watched the brilliant IT documentary ‘Secrets of growing old’. This really was a great testimony about the bonuses of growing old and how ‘the elderly’ should be respected and cherished. No surprise to hear how older people understand  how younger minds work in terms of conflict – we learn to defuse and love more I guess.

I am always saying how one is never too old to learn new skills and the amazing people in this magical portrayal of people over fifty++ proved exactly that. A must watch!

The people featured certainly showed how the mind works in many improved ways with age.  How the mind is much more free to explore new things and how the left hand and right hand side of our brain connect more giving us the bonus of both applying logic and creativity.

I often write about how smells unlock memories we have forgotten and this was covered in several ways confirming just what a great piece of kit our brain is. Use it well!

I particularly liked the discussions about how our ability to love and care is refined. Not surprising then that often people move to pastoral roles as they improve with age and have wisdom of experience to use their increased empathy skills.

Interesting feature about a project in a community for the elderly where they brought in chickens to care for; it brought lonely people together and gave many a purpose. Having kept chickens they are amusing and it has been proven that having pets to care for reduces the risk of heart a third!

As we get older we become more honest and wise – so we do deserve respect. However, we are not afraid of being childish and do not worry so much about what other people think. That resonated well with me! 

An 83 year old model now living her dream commented how the insecurities of youth prevent us from doing things. Proving age is just a number!



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