Kids parties solved

Over the years I have organised and been to many kids parties and for parents the entertainer can make or break the best day in your child’s calendar.

Today I was at a party for around thirty plus age four and under children. The entertainer was DJ Mike. He was brilliant and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He had the children under control, involved and having fun from the word go.

A disco for tiny tots may seem a bit chaotic to some but this young entertainer had everything pitched just right in terms of a variety of activities which held their attention (not easy with tiny ones).

At one stage he came out with a box of great dressing up accessories; brightly coloured wigs and imaginative hats, inflatable guitars and funny sunglasses. This encouraged both boys and girls to dress up and join in and gave an excellent photo opportunity for parents.

Whilst observing DJ Mike it was obvious to me that he enjoyed what he does and was great at encouraging reluctant children to participate but without applying pressure -this guy understands children! On speaking to him at the end of the session to congratulate him on his services he revealed he had previously worked at Disney and it showed.

This children’s entertainer went to a great deal of effort to ensure the children really did have a fabulous if not magical time.

 I loved the bubble machine during the disco a simple idea but very nice touch.

Check out his website:


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