Young at heart

Part of feeling positive I guess to a certain degree is remaining young at heart. I am known for being sensible and professional when required but also know how to play and have fun.

As my mentor used to say ‘laughing is as good as a tonic’, same said lady was an expert at playing the yo yo. She could do all sorts of tricks and we were always buying her new ones and ones that lit up.

Last week I treated myself to a new wooden yo yo and had great fun last night playing with it much to the amusement of my daughter! It’s almost as much fun as blow bubbles.

Seriously, taking time out to just be and enjoy simple things in life can place us back in the moment ¬†remembering halcyon times as a child… and, for a while, forget about whatever is troubling us.

As for the troubles…these too will pass.

I know it’s Monday but find time to smile and enjoy the day whatever it brings.


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