Tell somebody you love that you love them today

My amazing mentor so often said the time to be good to people and show them you care is when they are here and alive.

Many of my close family members and good friends have no problem in telling one another that we love each other but not in a flippant way but just when it feels right. For the un-lovey-dovey minority using the word love doesn’t dilute it’s value… if you mean it when you say it.

Ok for some people saying how we feel and showing emotions is difficult but life can be far more difficult for us and those close to us when we don’t.

I know a friend chose ‘The Living Years’ by Mike and The Mechanics song for his father’s funeral and the words ring true about how as children we always think our parents are from another planet. The essence of this song is quite beautiful and poignant if you have lost a father and wish you had talked more.

Vic Botterill (a great after dinner speaker I know) within his training DVD   ‘Living, Loving and Stress’ reminds his audience how important it is to tell loved ones that we love them and on a regular basis. Vic is an ex Police Officer and has had to deliver tragic news to loved ones..he knows his stuff!

So my message today is tell somebody you love…just love them.


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